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Ceramic Tile: Latest Advancements

kitchen tiles for floor, kitchenA recent article from South Coast Today talks about the latest advancements in ceramic tiles as well as growth in popularity in new-home construction.

Ceramic tile is a natural product, so it’s eco-friendly and non-toxic. The tile is formed from a mixture of clays and other natural materials. Using an age-old method, the special clays are mined from the earth, shaped, colored and than fired in kilns.

Traditional ceramic tile can be naturally colored and left unglazed like terra cotta, or they can feature colored or highly designed surfaces, which can be glazed (finished with a glass surface) either in a high gloss or matte finish. Most ceramic tiles have either white or red body coloration underneath the glazed, colored top layer.

Ceramic tile flooring is easy to care for, durable, and great for both indoor and outdoor use. Today, modern techniques have developed the look of ceramic tiles, creating realistic designs that are both stylish and affordable.

One of these modern methods is called high-definition inkjet technology, which allows ceramic tile to have the look of stone and wood, materials that are not as durable as ceramic tile. Inkjet technology even makes it possible for ceramic tile to come in wood-plank shapes and sizes.

New ceramic tiles even come in various textures such as fabric-look and patterns, like chevron, herringbone and metallic. This amazing tile also comes in trendy shapes such as subway tiles, hexagons and more – anything you can imagine. The nature and versatility of ceramic tiles make it an eco-friendly, stylish and practical choice for today’s homeowners.

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Wood Look Tile Flooring


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What is Wood Look Tile Flooring?

The latest trend in the flooring industry today, wood look tile flooring is a great choice for your home or business. Wood look tile flooring takes advantage of the durability of porcelain or ceramic tiles while maintaining the beauty, warmth, and classic style of hardwood floors.

Porcelain and ceramic wood look tiles are being used in the commercial and residential building industries for both small and large projects. With the advancements in manufacturing processes today, these tiles can be produced in rectangular tiles or planks and other different sizes. They also have natural wood marks and details that make it difficult to tell the difference from real hardwood floors, an amazing feature that has never been made possible before until now.

In addition to this, porcelain and ceramic tiles are very durable and easy to maintain. Unlike hardwood that wears and gets dirty or dusty easily, porcelain and ceramic tiles have little upkeep. They can also be used in any room, even kitchens or bathrooms. This isn’t the same for real wood flooring, which can damage easily if exposed to moisture.


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Where Can I Buy Wood Look Tile Flooring?

At Marco Polo Tiles, we offer a wide selection of wood look tile flooring to choose from. We carry beautiful and unique styles of porcelain and ceramic wood look tiles that are both durable and versatile. Our design experts are knowledgeable and trained on the latest flooring trends, such as the wood look tiles, and can help you decide on which type of tile will work best for your space. Whether you want a rustic or contemporary look, traditional or modern feel, we have the wood look tile that is right for you and can fit your budget.

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