5 Simple Ways to Update Your Bathroom

So, your bathroom needs a makeover but you’re not exactly ready to commit hours of labor and hundreds of dollars on a full renovation? We hear you. Renovating a room is not an easy task, especially bathrooms, which are one of the busiest spaces in a home. Major updates to a bathroom can cost you a pretty penny, too. Vanities can run up to thousands of dollars, as well as new bathtubs and showers. Fortunately, there are simple ways you can give your bathroom a fresh and modern look, without breaking the bank or your back:

Update the lighting. You can replace old bathroom sconces with more modern ones that are fairly priced and won’t take you too long to install. Find bathroom fixtures that are the same type as your current ones so that all you have to do is switch from the old to the new.

Give Those Walls Character. You can repaint bathroom walls with today’s trendiest colors like neutral gray, vibrant pink or citrus orange. Simple ivory white or off-white paint can also give a bathroom a nice, clean look. Another alternative is to cover the walls with a distinct wallpaper style that shows off your personality. Since the bathroom is a small space, it won’t take you as long to update the walls compared to the other rooms in the house.

Soften with Textiles. Without the warmth of textiles, a bathroom can look cold and uninviting. Soften the space with various textiles that will also add to its character. An elegant roman shade, a patterned shower curtain or a bold-colored rug is just a few of the many options to add color and pattern to an otherwise plain room.

Update the faucets and fixtures. Old faucets and fixtures can easily make a bathroom look outdated. Spruce it up by buying modern replacements. You can start off with just updating the faucets and later move on to showerheads. A small change can make a big impact.

Liven up Mirrors. It might not be obvious, but mirrors in the bathroom can make a great statement. After all, the bathroom mirror is often the first thing you see when you enter. It can easily be the focal point of the room if you dress it right. Beware: some mirrors might require a professional to properly remove. But other bathrooms have mirrors that can be more easily removed. Replace them with framed mirrors, venetian mirrors, or whatever best reflects your style.

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